Certified English

Teacher & Coach  

I am an enthusiastic and professional English Teacher and Coach at ProEnglish Effective Communication, with a positive attitude and varied the professional experience. As a Neurolanguage Coach, I impart knowledge and language skills in a fast and efficient manner – with sustainable, proven and lasting results, while ensuring that my clients achieve their objectives within clear and agreed timelines.

My methodologies are based on excellent training techniques that have already been proven. My approach is designed to help you achieve your goal while maintaining an authentic spirit of conviviality.



  • My approach is communicative and practical; it adapts to the specific needs of the individual. To achieve the best results, I use the Neurolanguage Coaching and training medium.

  • In addition to having extensive experience in teaching English as a foreign language, mainly for professional purposes, I am a trainer and business coach, with a professional certification in Language Coaching. I combine both disciplines.
    With many years of success working with personnel of multinational organizations and ambitious students seeking to enter the labour market, I am highly qualified to help clients who will use English in the workplace in an international environment.
    Above all, I am passionate about cultures, languages ​​and the field of English language learning.

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 האנגלית הוא הכרחי, אני קוראת הרבה באנגלית ומבינה היטב, אבל בכל פעם שפתחתי את הפה לדבר, התחלתי לגמגם, לדבר בטעויות ויותר חמור מכך פשוט לדבר שטויות. הביטחון שלי בעצמי באנגלית היה מאוד נמוך. בשיחה הראשונה מול ניקול היא ערכה אתי מיפוי וביררה לפרטי פרטים את מטרותיי, את אוצר המילים הדרוש לי, את הקהל מולו אני מדברת. לאחר המפגש הראשוני היא שלחה לי תוכנית עבודה מסודרת עם מטרות מובהקות לחודשיים הקרובים, קישורים לאתרי אינטרנט שכוללים תכנים ונושאים שאני רוצה להתחזק בהם. כיום אני 10 שיעורים אחרי ומרגישה הרבה יותר טוב עם עצמי באנגלית . יתרה מזאת ניקול היא אדם מקסים, מאוד נעימה ואינטיליגנית וכל מפגש איתה נעים ומרומם . ממליצה בחום רב

I strongly recommend taking Neurolanguage coaching lessons with Nicole. She is very patient , she finds different ways to make the learning process more effective and efficient and mostly she helped me to feel more confident in my ability to speak English fluently.

Thank you very much. It was great to practice and learn with you. I enjoyed the course a lot. Highly recommended for everybody who wants to improve their level of English. Sessions are clear and well structured.

Nicole is the best English teacher I ever had. She recognized all my problems in speaking during the first lesson! The lessons with her are very fun and instructive. I recommend all to learn with her!

I recommend it everyone who wants to fulfill their potential & improve their professional English skills. I sincerely recommend that you study it. You will not regret it!



What is Neurolanguage Coaching, and how will it help you?


Neurolanguage© Coaching combines the rational, emotional and educational process of language learning. By understanding how your brain works and your most effective learning method, we set attainable and realistic goals. The sessions deal with relevant and real language learning without textbooks, but with real-time and authentic learning materials. Call me for a free introductory session, where we design your roadmap, navigate the journey together and eventually arrive at your ultimate goal - English freedom!

Neurolanguage© Coaching is especially useful for people who:

  • Have basic English skills

  • Get stuck when they try to speak English

  • Feel embarrassed to speak

  • Would love to advance in their career, but can’t because of English

  • Had a terrible experience in the past that they can’t get over

  • Suffer from low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence when surrounded by English speakers.